Exhibition Catalogue 1992

This catalogue is published shortly after my 65th birthday as a supplement to an exhibition of my own works in the former old Hagen church.
I have been working as a sculptor since 1945, starting with an apprenticeship as a wood sculptor and then studying at various universities, it became my profession. Many influences have had an effect on my work and left visible traces:
My admiration for the wealth of forms in nature -
Influences of my teachers -
Many years of working in stone (stonemasonā€˜s examination 1956) -
An additional degree in complete Architecture Studies -
The new relationship of the world to the universe - and:
The love of poetry.

I am very committed to abstract art, but doubts also arise about the possibility of the non-objective method of working to still be able to make statements about many essential expressions of human being.
These influences and impressions did not come, as I must state, in a chronologically and logically grown sequence, but overlapped and crossed each other; what was supposedly long since dismissed came to the fore again and awoke to new significance.
Thus, the viewer of the catalogue will notice a certain complexity in my work, - which, I hope, - is not arbitrary and also not arbitrarily interpretable.

In September 1992
Bernhard Gewers

Catalogue for the exhibition "Works 1950-1992 - Cross-period selection by subject", Hagen a.T.W. 1992

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